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Volunteers wanted!



Volunteers wanted!

We are looking for 200 surgical residents and 60 experienced surgeons to validate our new learning platform. Our platform has been developed thanks to EU-funded Erasmus+ action through the cooperation of Universities and SMEs with a longstanding experience in surgical training.

EASIER introduces an innovative paradigm for online learning of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and interventional skills. We provide the tools to create pedagogically curated learning courses where students can train both their technical and nontechnical skills. Our platform will provide seamless integration of third-party assets (box trainers, virtual reality simulators) that can be used to program simulator tasks as part of specific courses. Course assessment is broken down by the different technical and nontechnical skills, providing a comprehensive record of the residents’ progress to mastery.

All volunteers completing the validation will gain exclusive early information before public release and a 1-year free subscription to the EASIER platform.

If you are interested, you can enrol in the programme through the following link.


Once you complete registration, you are welcome to join us at our kick-off webinar on the 17th December 2020 from 16:00-16:45 CET, where we will present:

  • The EASIER project goals and mission
  • The EASIER platform
  • The validation trials


Time has always been a rare commodity both for medical trainees and trainers.
COVID-19 has further exacerbated the need for cost-efficient online learning solutions in MIS. However, existing solutions are mostly limited to video repositories and are focused on cognitive and procedural skills, and do not address technical skills in the learning process. Moreover, we want to create a reference European site and community integrating the different visions and specialties of surgical and interventional practice.

We will be carrying out a 1-hour kick-off webinar on the 17th December 2020 16:00. After, volunteers will have free access to complete the demonstration courses of his/her interest before the 28th February 2020.

Participants can choose to complete any of three available courses (laparoscopic cholecystectomy, lumbar puncture and knee arthroscopy). Each course includes a pre-knowledge short test before access. Once completed, participants will be asked to complete (a) a survey for face, content, and usability validation; and (b) a post-knowledge short test. Each course takes around 6-8 hours to be completed.

They are available in English, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch.


Thank you for being a vital part in the efforts to improve online learning of surgical skills!